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Sam's Kiln-Dried Firewood Firewood Atlanta Sales and Delivery


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delivered and stacked*
A perfect amount
of wood to last a
season of normal


delivered and stacked*
Enough wood to
last a season of
heavy burning

Atlanta's only kiln-dried firewood
delivered to your home and stacked
• no expensive starter logs
• burns clean and hot
• extremely low water content
• no bugs or infestation
• 40% less smoke output
• all broadleaf hardwood

Don't fight your fire. Enjoy it!
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We provide Metro Atlanta with a superior wood product for all grilling needs. Whether delivered and stacked or loaded in your vehicle, our wood will satisfy your indoor and outdoor culinary applications. Call today for pricing details.
With Sam's Kiln-Dried Firewood, you can always expect the same low-water content that guarantees the consistent temperatures that will improve your culinary output.
Firewood is a cottage industry with surprisingly high annual sales figures.

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